The Net-centric Services Working Group is focused on developing and publishing best practices of service-orientated architecture (SOA) as it applies to net-centric and net-enabled environments. This group works closely with other teams, particularly in the area of emergency-services-related service technologies.

The topics addressed by the Net-centric Services Working Group include:

  • Services for tactical and enterprise environments
  • Service middleware
  • Service infrastructure
  • Service-related technical and capability patterns
  • Service-oriented architectures
  • Service interfaces

This working group recently published the Emergency Services Operational Pattern, which makes substantial use of standards published by the OASIS organization. It will also publish a Multi-level Distributed Discovery and Dissemination Capability Pattern focused on distributed discovery and dissemination in ad hoc, tactical networks. Its other key deliverables include the Net-centric Services Specialized Framework and the Net-centric Information Specialized Framework.

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