The Cybersecurity Integrated Project Team is addressing cybersecurity issues as they relate to net-centric operations and interoperability in cloud and net-centric environments. This IPT was established to facilitate and sustain collaboration among NCOIC members worldwide in order to survey, identify and collect net-centric cybersecurity best practices, lessons learned, policies, procedures, methodologies and technologies.

A key 2013 accomplishment of the Cybersecurity IPT was the creation of the Cyber Influences Discovery Process that is designed to aid in the discovery of various market influences, including laws, policies, regulations, standards, best practices and technologies.

The IPT’s other accomplishments and activities include:

  • Cybersecurity Database of over 700 policies, laws, regulations, best practices, standards and guidelines related to cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Landscape White Paper published in 2013
  • Cybersecurity Influences Discovery Process and Workshops in select domain areas (aviation, healthcare, cloud computing and emergency response capability)
  • Development of net-centric, cybersecurity-related patterns

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