The consortium’s technical team is organized around working groups (WGs) and integrated project teams (IPTs), with the NCOIC Technical Council providing guidance and oversight of the technical activities. Each team focuses on a particular domain or mission area, but cooperatively interacts with other teams on joint projects. They also provide support to NCOIC contract activities.

NCOIC member-companies that participate in the working groups and IPTs benefit by

  • Leading the engagement
  • Collaborating with government and industry on technical team activities
  • Contributing to Voice of Industry reviews, white papers, invited reviews and commentary

NCOIC members also provide technical experts to support IPTs and contracts with NCOIC customers. These individuals collaborate with experts from other member companies and work with customers to create new interoperability solutions.

NCOIC member-companies and their employees are instrumental in developing the consortium’s technical solutions and products, including the NCOIC Interoperability Framework (NIF); Systems, Capabilities, Operations, Programs, Enterprises (SCOPE) Model; Network Centric Analysis Tool (NCAT); specialized frameworks and net-centric patterns.

NCOIC Technical Council

Chair: Mark Bowler    
Members: Integrated Project Team (IPT) and Working Group (WG) chairs

  • Cybersecurity IPT: Process and workshops, online database, crelated patterns and external collaboration
  • Healthcare IPTSecure interoperability for electronic healthcare records and information exchange
  • Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning WG: Assessment processes for measuring the interoperability of cognitive systems
  • Cloud Computing WG: NCOIC Rapid Response Capability (NRRC) Process, capability patterns and netcentric pattern to capture NRRC architecture
  • Net-Centric Services WGlevel Distributed Discovery & Dissemination Capability (MD3) Pattern and Emergency Services Operations Pattern
  • Net-Centric Attributes WGSCOPE and NCAT update and training materials and certified practitioners