NCOIC develops and publishes white papers relevant to secure, cross-domain interoperability. Upon request, the consortium also conducts vendor-neutral invited reviews of customer and governmental reports and documents. In addition, we provide Voice of Industry Reviews for our contract-based activities.

The following NCOIC white papers and reviews have been formally approved and are publicly available on this website for download and distribution at no cost. If material from these documents is referenced in secondary writing, please credit the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC®) and the title of the paper.

About the White Papers….

Healthcare Information Technology Workshop Report
NCOIC hosted a workshop on November 14, 2017 that brought together experts in the fields of blockchain applications and hyperconvergence infrastructure to discuss the feasibility of rapidly developing a solution for creating situational awareness of healthcare resources in disaster-recovery situations. This report summarizes the information presented in the workshop. Workshop speakers explored how convergent trends in video sensing, blockchain-secured communications and federated cloud standards can be leveraged to implement a solution for providing situational awareness to first responders. Workshop participants discussed cybersecurity issues related to blockchain and federated networks. Technical problems related to interoperability of blockchains systems, wide area networks and network standards were also addressed.

Benefits of a Net Centric Aviation Ecosystem
Created by the NCOIC Aviation IPT, this white paper has been written by the multi-national, multi-industry team in support of the transformation of the global airspace that is currently underway in some countries, and is anticipated in others.
Published October 2008

Mobile Emergency Communications Interoperability Findings and Recommendations

Governments at every level across the globe, commercial industry and non-profit concerns face a daunting set of challenges arising from the steady increase in the frequency and severity of Complex Humanitarian Disasters (CHD) that affect millions of people annually. This report intends to help governments, policymakers, first responders, engineering companies and other businesses understand network-centric operations in the context of disaster response. This knowledge can lead to improved emergency readiness as the several emergency responder communities acquire and train with the best technologies and operational practices. Further, the report identifies the need for an overall architectural framework that encompasses operational situational awareness, command and control, decentralized coordination, and interoperable communications to fully realize the value of Mobile Emergency Communications Interoperability.
Published March 1, 2007

SESAR-NextGen Comparison Paper

Created by the NCOIC Aviation IPT, this white paper has been written by the multi-national, multi-industry team in support of the transformation of the global airspace that is currently underway in some countries, and is anticipated in others. 
Published May 2008

NCOIC Lab Interoperability Project: A Method for Connecting Distributed Labs
Joint activities between government and industry or between Industry partners often require connecting distributed labs, a process that is time consuming and costly. This paper presents a method for connecting distributed labs based on the experiences of member-companies on the NCOIC Lab Interoperability Project. It discusses both policy related items such as protecting corporate intellectual property and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) concerns as well as technology practices for network security, data interoperability and network delivered services.
Published October 28, 2010

Review of U.S. Dept. of Defense Net-centric Attributes

This invited review paper is collaborative work of the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) and NCOIC. DISA signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with NCOIC to enhance understanding, development and refinement of relevant network-centric operations principles and practices. Through this CRADA, the U.S. Department of Defense Chief Information Officer engaged NCOIC to develop an industry view of the net-centric attributes developed by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration. The execution plan was developed by DoD and DISA to fit together with NCOIC tools and products.
Version 2.0 published February 16, 2011

Cyber Security: A Need for Review of Policies and Procedures

This white paper was created by the multi-national, multi-industry NCOIC Advisory Council and Board of Directors. It supports a strong cyber environment, technical interoperability and the addition of an NCOIC focus on the policies and processes that assist or prevent interoperability.
Published April 23, 2013

Cybersecurity IPT Landscape White Paper

While the critical need for cybersecurity in network-centric operations is well defined and understood, industry investments and effective implementation in the area are falling behind the increasing, and increasingly sophisticated, cyber-attacks. This paper takes a closer look at the cybersecurity landscape, conveying some of the factors that drive investments and technology developments in cybersecurity. It also introduces an extensive database of policies, laws, regulations and best practices that has been collected and maintained by NCOIC.
Published November 13, 2013

Cybersecurity IPT Barriers and Solutions Readout Report
NCOIC held a workshop in October 2014 in Washington DC to discuss the barriers and security concerns that inhibit interoperability in federated cloud environments for information exchange and coordination in disaster response and health care. This readout report summarizes those barriers and security concerns, and proposes solutions.
Published March 13, 2015