NCOIC develops processes related to the consortium’s core mission of improving and enabling net-centric systems.

Secure Interoperability Governance Process
This open process addresses the governance of secure, collaboration information exchange in today’s cross-domain, multi-organization environments. It presents a logical and straightforward method for developing and documenting a governance process for an interoperable network, and is applicable to any domain that requires interoperability and information exchange with diverse participants, such as disaster response and command and control. The SIGP document provides guidance governing the incorporation and demonstration of security architectures and technologies into federated cross-domain interoperability environments. It recommends essential content to be included in a networked system governance plan, which should be defined and agreed to before standing-up a new network. The goal is a governance process for establishing agreed-to rules, policies and methodologies in developing and interconnecting networks, such that the participants have sufficient trust in its operation that they are willing to share data in support of a common mission. Published: August 2016
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NCOIC Rapid Response Capability Process - NRRC
NRRC™ is an open process designed to facilitate cross-domain interoperability and secure information sharing among a disparate group of users from multiple computing domains. The process details how to create and manage a federated cloud wrapped with a security environment in which all parties can share data, while retaining control of their sensitive and/or proprietary information. The NRRC process promotes transparent, cooperative working relationships and enables collaboration with non-traditional partners from different companies, industries, agencies, governments and/or nations.
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