NCOIC uses its net-centric patterns to publish prescriptive guidance for the design of interoperable systems for net-centric environments. There are three types of patterns: Operational, Capability and Technical.

Operational Net-centric Patterns

  • SAGM Mobile Communication and Networking Operational Pattern
  • Emergency Services Operational Pattern

Capability Net-centric Patterns

  • Multi-level Distributed Discovery and Dissemination (MD3) Capability Net-Centric Pattern
  • Legacy Services Capability Pattern
  • Design Phase Service Integration Capability Pattern
  • Information Dissemination Shared Database Capability Pattern
  • Land Force Tracking Gateway Network Centric Capability Pattern
  • All Hazards Alerts and Warnings Capability Pattern
  • Live, Virtual and Constructive Integrated Middleware Environment Capability Pattern
  • Net-Centric Services Interface Capability Pattern
  • Flight Data Object Dissemination Capability Pattern

Technical Net-centric Patterns

  • Disconnected, Intermittent, Limited Communications Management Technical Pattern
  • Simple and Extensible Email Services Technical Pattern
  • Secure Formatted Information Exchange Gateway Pattern
  • Core Network Access Pattern

To comment on any of our net-centric patterns, please contact the NCOIC Technical Council.