Abstract: NCOIC has created a suite of tools that assist military, government and civil customers in obtaining interoperable solutions for their domain requirements. In this presentation, you will get an overview of how NCOIC can benefit the entire lifecycle of systems and learn how NCOIC deliverables work together as a suite of tools to help customers succeed.

Objectives / Educational Outcome: Use of this material will provide a foundation for understanding the NCOIC approach to its mission of enabling interoperability to support network centric operations. This general understanding will provide the necessary context for an understanding of various NCOIC tools and enabling guidance provided by NCOIC. A typical representation of a customer community layered architectural reference model is used to illustrate the consortium’s approach and complementary contributions.

Prerequisites: Recommend first viewing NCOIC Overview
Time Estimate to Complete Course: Approx. 11 minutes
Release Date / Version: February 2008 / Version: 001
View Presentation: The Role of NCOIC Deliverables