Abstract: The NCOIC Interoperability Framework (NIF®) is a “framework of frameworks” that supports the development and deployment of network centric systems and solutions. NCOIC patterns provide guidance for solving operational and technical problems for a given context, with desired net-centric capabilities. Patterns typically include guidance on which standards to use to solve specific net-centric interoperability problems and how to use those standards.

Objectives / Educational Outcome: In this briefing, we discuss the NCOIC Interoperability Framework and NCOIC patterns and how they provide resources for system engineers and architects who are working on interoperable net-centric or net-enabled systems.

Prerequisites: Recommend first viewing The Role of NCOIC Deliverables
Time Estimate to Complete Course: Approx. 11 minutes
Primary Author / Point of Contact: Mark Bowler, NCOIC Technical Council Chair
Release Date / Version: June 2008 / Version: 001
View Document: NIF Solution Description Reference Manual
View Presentation: NIF Overview
View PPT Presentation: NIF PPT Presentation

More information on NIF is available here