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What is Interoperability?
Cross-Domain Interoperability

Technology Leaders

NCOIC offers a broad range of technical products that are publically available for use by business, government and non-governmental organizations. Valued conservatively over $100 million, these cross-domain interoperability tools help developers explore customer needs, propose re-usable designs and test them more effectively. This results in lower engineering costs, quicker program implementation, increased capability and reduced risk.

NCOIC works to foster systems that can easily and quickly interface and interoperate in ad-hoc, net-centric environments. Designing new systems and integrating legacy systems that meet this goal is facilitated when there is:

  • A common understanding of what it means to be net-centric
  • A common set of unifying concepts or core principles
  • A common way to describe and discuss the attributes of a net-centric system
  • A common set of agreed-to features and architectural elements that have been implemented in the interoperating systems
  • A common way to measure the net-centricity of a system

The technical products and tools developed by NCOIC are structured to meet these needs. They provide system architects and designers with the resources to develop and integrate net-centric / net-enabled systems.

NCOIC technical frameworks, patterns, tools and processes are developed by our member companies and their employees, then vetted via industry consensus. After formal approval, they are posted on this website for use throughout the public and private sectors.