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News Releases

News Releases
NCOIC Debuts Roadmap for Designing, Managing Cyber-secure Hybrid Computing Environment 05 Mar 2014
NCOIC Names Kevin Jackson to Lead Rollout of Open Process for Creating Secure, Hybrid IT Computing Environments 19 Nov 2013
NCOIC Earthquake-Response Simulation Shows Power Of Interoperability, Open Cloud Computing 12 Sep 2013
Advisory Industry-Government Team To Showcase Major Enhancements Cloud Computing Can Provide To Disaster Response 05 Sep 2013
NCOIC Team Begins Simulation of Open Cloud Computing in Multi-National Disaster Response Effort 09 Jul 2013
Global Interoperability Consortium's Cloud Computing Project Detailed at NATO Conference 30 Apr 2013
Global Interoperability Consortium to Demonstrate Unique Use of Cloud Computing for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency 28 Mar 2013
Global interoperability Consortium to Support NATO Networking Conference in Portugal 23 Feb 2013
Interoperability Consortium Appoints First CEO 08 Jan 2013
Interoperability consortium names three new advisors 17 Jul 2012
NCOIC® Invites Government, Industry to Join Forces in Quest for Interoperability 13 Feb 2012
NCOIC and SISO join forces to advance interoperability 01 Jun 2011
Net-centric consortium certifies government and industry's ability to predict interoperability needs and drivers 12 Apr 2011
IDGA awards NCOIC for leadership in net-centric operations 26 Jan 2011
IDGA Announces 2011 Network Centric Warfare (NCW) Awards Winners 26 Jan 2011
Net-centric consortium proves 66 percent cost, time reduction in integrating industry labs 26 Oct 2010
Net-centric consortium certifies first interoperability building block; EADS security product gets official NCOIC seal of approval 29 Sep 2010
NCOIC Elects Boeing, Lockheed Reps to Lead Technical Council 07 Jun 2010
NCO Consortium Selects New Leaders 26 Oct 2009
NCOIC joins innovative public safety organization seeking stimulus funds to develop NEER core services. 13 Aug 2009

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