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Industry Study to Assist NATO ACT with Future Interoperability

In 2016, NCOIC completed a project designed to help NATO shape its future command and control capabilities. The consortium conducted an industry study for the Command & Control, Deployability & Sustainability (C2DS) Division of NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT), a strategic command that promotes interoperability throughout NATO and is leading transformation of the alliance’s military structure, forces, capabilities and doctrine.

NATO ACT contracted with NCOIC for assistance in increasing interoperability within the NATO enterprise. Its goal is to implement systems and services that enhance operational and tactical information sharing and information exploitation in the 21st century.

NCOIC held a workshop to assess the current interoperability environment, identify strengths and barriers, share best practices, and chart the path to acquire the desired capabilities. After the workshop, NCOIC prepared a final report containing a complete analysis, conclusions, recommendations and roadmap. The project included a unique NCOIC Voice of Industry (VOI) review that enabled all consortium members to provide comments – both positive and negative -- regarding the current and future NATO environment. ACT is particularly interested in industry involvement to receive information on market strategies and direction that will help it develop the requirements and acquire the capabilities necessary to support future C2 operations.

Why Join NCOIC?

NCOIC offers membership to businesses, organizations and individuals who want to be at the forefront of interoperability. There are three membership categories for businesses and organizations: silver, gold and platinum. Businesses and organizations may designate two official representatives to the consortium (a primary and alternate); their other employees are welcome to participate in NCOIC activities, depending on the category.
Contact Us for a membership application.

Membership Benefits – All Categories
•    Be exposed to global insights on key interoperability issues
•    Participate in technical teams and working groups
•    Provide input to technical papers and interoperability deliverables
•    Participate in Voice of Industry Reviews
•    Receive special invitations to leadership and VIP events

Individual Membership
Join subject matter experts and visionaries at the forefront of enabling interoperability
•    Regular: $100 per year
•    Lifetime: $500 (one-time fee)

Silver Membership
Help shape interoperability approaches and share technical knowledge
Participate in technical teams including voting on approval of technical deliverables
•    Make presentations to the Board of Directors and Advisory Council
•    Annual Fee
       -Businesses with 500 or more employees: $5,000
       -Businesses with less than 500 employees: $2,000
       -Academia and Non-profit Organizations: $1,000

Gold Membership
Participate in the Business Membership Team for the Interoperability Verification Initiative with NATO Allied Command Transformation
Work on the NATO ACT framework to validate the interoperability of systems supporting Federated Mission Networking
         -Put a total of 5 products or services through the IV framework validation process free of charge during the launch phase
         -Work on the IV Initiative as it is expanded to other organizations
•    Participate in selected meetings of the Advisory Council and Board of Directors and provide input on strategies and projects
•    Annual Fee: $15,000

Platinum Membership
Maximize your interaction with senior government and industry leaders; use the NCOIC legal environment and experts to work with others on topics of mutual interest; and participate in both technical and business projects.
Participate in NCOIC Technical Council, technical teams and working groups, including leadership positions
•    Take part in the IV Business Membership Team and work on the NATO ACT framework to validate the interoperability of systems supporting Federated Mission Networking
         -Put a total of 10 products or services through the IV framework validation process free of charge during the launch phase
         -Work on the IV Initiative as it is expanded to other organizations
•    Participate in selected meetings of the Advisory Council and Board of Directors and provide input on strategies and projects
•    Receive support from NCOIC staff, including the development of white papers, research, meeting coordination and public relations for interoperability projects
•    Annual Fee: $20,000 (participation is open to all employees, including subsidiaries)

Member Responsibilities – All Categories
Members are expected to comply with: all applicable laws and regulations of all nations, including laws regarding antitrust and export control; the NCOIC Bylaws and Charters and Procedures; and the terms and conditions of the NCOIC membership application.


NCOIC - NATO Collaboration Hub

Welcome to your one-stop activity center. This is about NATO team information and projects. The links on this hub page will take you to both public and private websites, collaboration spaces, databases and file repositories – to enable your work effectively with members from NATO and NCOIC.

NATO Resources
NATO Website
NATO on Duty
NHQC3S – NATO HQ Consultation, Command & Control Staff
ACO – Allied Command Operations
ACT – Allied Command Transformation
NCIA – NATO Communications and Information Agency
NIAG – NATO Industrial Advisory Group

NCOIC Resources
General Information about NCOIC
Technical Resources
eLearning Modules

NCOIC-NATO Working Together
NATO Policy -- “Active Engagement, Modern Defence”
NATO and NCOIC – How we cooperate 
NATO Guidance for NCOIC

Project Links
Afghanistan Mission Network (AMN)
C3 Interoperability
Cloud Computing
Distributed Networked Battle Labs (DNBL)
Federated Mission Networking (FMN)
Healthcare   [BASECAMP]
IT Modernization Study (ITM)
Military Messaging (MMHS)
Multinational Maritime Information Services (MNMIS)
Modeling and Simulation  
Network Centric Assessment Tool (NCAT) 
Network Centric Attributes
NCOIC Interoperability Framework (NIF)
NATO Interoperability, Standards and Profiles (NISP) 
NATO Network Enabled NNEC
NCOIC Rapid Response Capability (NRRC) 
Rapid Response Incubator (RRI)   [BASECAMP]
SCOPE Workshop



NCOIC Expertise and Experience Offers Members Solid Return on Investment

Why Join NCOIC?
The NCOIC Difference

Some of the most successful, respected and innovative companies belong to NCOIC. Participants include Fortune 500 companies, businesses in a variety of industries, government agencies, academia, standards organizations and multi-national bodies such as NATO and the European Union.

NCOIC provides them with a neutral and safe environment in which to collaborate. Their free flow of information and ideas is critical to influencing and facilitating secure, reliable cross-domain interoperability across the full spectrum of business and government operations. And because NCOIC activities are based on open standards and commercial off-the-shelf products, there is no proprietary technology and no barrier to international participation.
The ROI – return on investment – that NCOIC member-companies receive from their participation includes the ability to…

  • Have direct access to global customers
  • Provide meaningful input to government
  • Expand the reach of existing products and services
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Meet and work with potential partners, suppliers and competitors
  • Collaborate without compromising national or organizational interests
  • Exchange technical and business knowledge that enriches company talent
  • Provide global thought leadership

Our members understand inter-connecting networks and cross-domain relationships are an increasingly essential part of our world. They know the consortium is committed to helping them achieve their goals in creating and maintaining trusted communications.

NCOIC has the experience and expertise to offer tremendous value to industry, education, government and society. With some of the brightest minds in the world contributing their insight, technology and domain expertise, the consortium is well positioned to bring about profound change in the use of network technology.

Your organization can be part of realizing the NCOIC vision of net-centric efforts based on the foundation of interoperability. Contact Us to learn more.

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