Abstract: In this course, you will be introduced to network centric operations (NCO) and network centric warfare (NCW) from the perspective of the U.S. Department of Defense Office of Force Transformation’s NCO Short Course. You will learn about the forces that led to the development of NCO and about four key elements of transformation: technology, organizations, people and processes. The case studies and simulation will provide real-life scenarios for how the application of NCW tenets could help you and your organization effectively transform to meet the demands of our emerging global security environment.

Objectives / Educational Outcome: After the modules, you should be able to

  • Explain NCO/NCW tenets, lexicon, concepts and context
  • Identify the convergence and synergies of Information Age–related forces that led to the development of network centric operations
  • Explain the role of the NCO Conceptual Framework in supporting network centric operations
  • Identify real-life cases that successfully applied NCO techniques and practices

Prerequisites: None
Time Estimate to Complete Course: Approx. 56 minutes
Release Date / Version: May 2007 / Version: 001
View Presentation: Network Centric Operations: The Fundamentals