NCOIC Expertise and Experience Offers Members Solid Return on Investment

Why Join NCOIC?
The NCOIC Difference

Some of the most successful, respected and innovative companies belong to NCOIC. Participants include Fortune 500 companies, businesses in a variety of industries, government agencies, academia, standards organizations and multi-national bodies such as NATO and the European Union.

NCOIC provides them with a neutral and safe environment in which to collaborate. Their free flow of information and ideas is critical to influencing and facilitating secure, reliable cross-domain interoperability across the full spectrum of business and government operations. And because NCOIC activities are based on open standards and commercial off-the-shelf products, there is no proprietary technology and no barrier to international participation.
The ROI – return on investment – that NCOIC member-companies receive from their participation includes the ability to…

  • Have direct access to global customers
  • Provide meaningful input to government
  • Expand the reach of existing products and services
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Meet and work with potential partners, suppliers and competitors
  • Collaborate without compromising national or organizational interests
  • Exchange technical and business knowledge that enriches company talent
  • Provide global thought leadership

Our members understand inter-connecting networks and cross-domain relationships are an increasingly essential part of our world. They know the consortium is committed to helping them achieve their goals in creating and maintaining trusted communications.

NCOIC has the experience and expertise to offer tremendous value to industry, education, government and society. With some of the brightest minds in the world contributing their insight, technology and domain expertise, the consortium is well positioned to bring about profound change in the use of network technology.

Your organization can be part of realizing the NCOIC vision of net-centric efforts based on the foundation of interoperability. Contact Us to learn more.