Terry Morgan
Dedicated NCOIC Leader

Terrence C. Morgan, Executive Council Chair Emeritus of the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium, passed away in late July 2017.

With strong support from Cisco Systems, Inc., Terry joined NCOIC as a founding member in August 2004 and served on the Executive Council before being elected Vice Chairman in October 2007 and Chairman in October 2008. He helped establish many of the concepts and approaches for creating cross-domain interoperability that are the hallmarks of NCOIC.

Terry's main accomplishment as Chairman was to provide an international focus, which became an important part of the NCOIC agenda. He provided advice and direction to the NCOIC team that has been developing a unique relationship with NATO – a project that took a major step forward during his final days.

Terry also expanded the consortium’s international focus beyond Europe, including projects with the Australian Department of Defence, which adopted NCOIC tools and approaches for ensuring interoperability. 

As Chairman, Terry logged extensive travel time visiting countries and government organizations, explaining the role and value of NCOIC. He described how they could improve their productivity and value as well as their contributions to society. His consistent efforts gave NCOIC international recognition as a thought leader and creator of interoperability and net-centric operations.

After his chairmanship was concluded, Terry became the consortium’s best ambassador, leaving NCOIC’s mark wherever he traveled. His unique style -- a combination of technical and political integration -- opened new horizons to those normally confined by thought or job skill to a lesser vision.

“Terry carried no personal agenda -- his thoughts and direction were for the greater good. Thanks to him, we have been successful in establishing a close working relationship with NATO,” said Harry Raduege, NCOIC Chief Executive Officer. “Since our founding, his clear vision has had a profound impact on NCOIC. Our entire team will greatly miss Terry’s contributions and leadership.”