NCOIC Addresses the Different Dimensions of Interoperability

As our world becomes more interconnected, self-interest gives way to mutual interest and interoperability becomes critical to an organization’s viability and value. NCOIC members and customers recognize this and look to the consortium’s expertise for help in ensuring their future program and business success.

NCOIC is uniquely positioned to provide the wider cross-domain interoperability perspective and provide organizations with best-of-industry solutions at a lower cost, in less time and with reduced risk.

  • We attract a wide range of expertise drawn from the public and private sectors to address some of the most challenging problems facing our world.
  • We offer an open and transparent environment that’s legal under OMB A119 and promotes true collaboration between government and business.
  • We have the standards, processes, patterns and frameworks needed to enable interoperable networks.
  • We use a proven methodology – called the NCOIC Implementation Process -- for identifying, testing and recommending interoperable solutions that can be adapted to any industry or use case.

Most importantly, our consortium understands the corporate, political, cultural and technical factors that affect interoperability. Simply put, there’s more to building an effective system than the underlying technology.

The NCOIC QuadTrangle™ shows the four, interdependent areas we consider when working to create a reliable and trusted interoperable environment: technical, governance, culture and business.

The illustration encapsulates what we’ve learned -- that even the best technical applications can fail if they do not align with financial objectives, business goals, laws and regulations, and a variety of cultural considerations. It also underscores how the consortium works by focusing on both the technical structure and bigger picture to get to the right solution. We have the processes that bring all of the dimensions together so we can recommend the best possible plan of action to address the issues and move forward.

The benefits NCOIC offers to members and customers are described in more depth in this whitepaper on the value of the consortium and in this Why Join NCOIC? tip sheet.

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