Update on Interoperability Verification for NATO ACT
Thursday, June 28
3-5 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time)

Boeing Crystal City
929 Long Bridge Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

Internet participation will also be offered



Four billion euro in the first year. That’s the estimated cost savings for NATO, its members and partners from the adoption of interoperability verification before the acquisition of goods and services.

Learn more about this and the benefits for European businesses at the consortium’s next leadership meeting, when you will hear the latest on NCOIC’s Interoperability Verification (IV) Initiative for NATO Allied Command Transformation. Joint technical and leadership teams are working together on the risk-assessment process for the Federated Mission Networking environment, which NATO is designing to enhance C2 and decision making in future operations through improved information sharing.

On June 28, they will share details about identification of key attributes for evaluating interoperability, as well as the verification process and plans for a disaster-response demonstration.

Those who join the meeting in person are welcome to stay for a networking reception at the conclusion of the meeting.

As always, you are encouraged to invite colleagues and others who would benefit from knowing about this groundbreaking project aimed at creating a standard procurement practice that examines enterprise-level interoperability -- and thus helps governments select, acquire and integrate products and services.

In a letter on the groundbreaking IV project and the new cooperative engagement between ACT and NCOIC, Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Lofgren (USAF), Deputy Chief of Staff, NATO ACT Capability Development, wrote, “Collaboration between ACT and NCOIC is of the utmost importance in bringing the Interoperability Verification framework forward.” Gen. (Ret) Harald Kujat, Chairman of the NCOIC Advisory Council and former chairman of the NATO Military Committee, stressed the importance of ensuring interoperability “from the first second to the last, as each product is designed, built and used.” He believes it is critical to NATO’s future effectiveness and the ability of European nations to pull together to tackle common problems.


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