The Cloud Computing Working Group is one of the most active teams within NCOIC. Its charter is to:

  • Collaborate and engage with government cloud activities, standard bodies, vendors and NCOIC member-companies to look at standards-based cloud computing in order to achieve capabilities such as peer-to-peer interoperability, improved usability and trust of the cloud, and portability across clouds
  • Document the current state of best practices, architectures and blueprints for commercially available implementations, including examining security implications and how to implement an internal cloud, with a focus is on:
    • “In-field,” edge and enterprise clouds -- dynamic integration of capability, resource and accepted configurations to solve a business/operational need
    • “Infrastructure cloud" standards to develop consensus across vendors to reduce lock-in to a given vendor or platform
    • Developing net-centric patterns on well-developed instances
    • Layered quality-of-service for cloud computing
  • Explore the interactions and relationships between the cloud computing paradigm and other NCOIC technical products, including NIF®, NCAT® and specialized frameworks

This working group is leveraging the consortium’s successful 2013 National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Geospatial Community Cloud Concept demonstration for further development of the NCOIC Rapid Response Capability (NRRC™), including the development of supporting net-centric patterns. The NRRC is a process and capability to set up cloud-based community information exchange systems for disaster response and other similar situations.

The Cloud Computing Working Group is currently developing a concept for a persistent, rapid response network incubator for emergency and disaster-response needs.

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