Being able to exchange and trust information is critical to business and government—and it is essential to our safety, well-being, and quality of life. The NCOIC vision of interoperability within and across domains is not a fleeting concept; it is foundational to network success during this age of growing global interdependence. 

The Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium was founded in 2004 by business leaders who understood all markets require interoperable solutions. They knew systems are built to be integrated into a larger environment, systems built to stand-alone will become obsolete, and each system and product provides value to other systems and products.

The Consortium’s founders sought to establish open, non-proprietary resources that would foster integration and improve capability in a range of different industries. Through the years, NCOIC has introduced a number of frameworks, patterns, processes, and other resources that are being used to support decision-making, create operational efficiency, and achieve mission successes.

NCOIC recognizes there’s more to building an effective, net-centric operation than the underlying technology. Laws and regulations, organizational culture, business goals, budgets, and a number of other factors influence outcomes. The Consortium has developed a methodology for identifying challenges and evaluating alternatives that is being successfully used to create interoperable systems within and across some of the world’s largest domains and a growing number of smaller communities of interest.

For example, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, NATO Communications and Information Agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and Australian Department of Defence are among the organizations that have made changes and improvements in their operational approaches based on NCOIC resources, evaluations and recommendations.

NCOIC’s status as an Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization and legal environment encourage open, multi-industry collaboration and multinational discussion—and set it apart from other associations and trade groups. The Consortium can bring together business, academia, and government organizations to collectively address similar needs and interests in networked information sharing without conflict of interest. Integrated business teams and technical working groups are free to discuss and explore interoperability concepts and issues, facilitate the adoption of open technical standards, and develop tools and resources.

NCOIC teams are focused on supporting worldwide issues in such areas as disaster response, financial security, and health care. Each day, they further the NCOIC mission of promoting increased cross- and multi-domain interoperability for all organizations—small and large, local and global.

Harry D. Raduege, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium