The consortium held a demonstration for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency on the NCOIC Rapid Response Capability. The Geospatial Community Cloud Concept Demonstration, held September 12, 2013, showed how an interoperable, hybrid-cloud operating environment can be quickly enabled, allowing users to supply and retrieve data across multiple domains -- improving mission speed, cost and reliability. 

Video footage of the three-hour presentation has been edited.

Video 1. Overview of Interoperability Vision and Project Status (8:13 min)
Tip Slater, Director of Business Development, NCOIC

Video 2. Demonstration Scenario - Building the Cloud Infrastructure (14:19 min)
Kevin Jackson, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Services, NJVC

Video 3. Trusted Federation Environment: Managing the Security of the Information Virtual Organizations in Open Stack (13:43 min)
Dr. Craig Lee, Senior Scientist, Computer Systems Research Dept., The Aerospace Corporation

Video 4. Disaster Response Simulation and Experiences from 2010 Haiti Disaster (8:17 min)
Eric Vollmecke, Program Director, Geospatial Community Cloud Concept Demonstration, NCOIC

Video 5. Boeing Ozone Dashboard Prototypes (17:30 min)
Roger Bernhardt, Advanced Concepts Strategic Development, Boeing Research &Technology

Video 6. Telos SE7EN, Automated Message Handling System, T6 Collaboration Tool Set and Secure Directory (18:12 min)
John Quaderer, Project Manager, Telos Corporation

Video 7. Winthrop Mobile Application for Bring-Your-Own Device Users (8:49 min)
Dave Boulos, Principal Project Manager, Winthrop Management Services

Video 8. Raytheon Readiness, Response, and Recovery Decision Support Tool & RATS Application (10:16 min)
Don Smith, Software Engineer, and Brian Urch, Director, User Experience Technology Center, Raytheon Intelligence and Information Services

Video 9. Demonstration Summary and NCOIC Rapid Response Capability (18:31 min)
Tip Slater, Kevin Jackson and Eric Vollmecke