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International Demonstrations Designed to Connect Distributed Labs

The NCOIC Laboratory Interoperability Project in 2010 established a proven model that industry and government can use to connect distributed laboratories and cut lab integration time and cost by 66 percent.

During four increasingly more challenging demonstrations – which took in Rome in March and May, in Brussels in June and in Washington DC in September -- the NCOIC project team achieved and validated lab interoperability.

First, collaborating across the Atlantic, people from 10 labs at Lockheed Martin, EADS, Boeing, Raytheon, IBM, Selex-Finmeccanica, Thales and Cisco shared a fully integrated common operating picture in real time. The subsequent live demonstrations confirmed the team's ability to reduce the time, cost and risk of integrating lab infrastructure by 66 percent. Throughout the process the project team relied on an NCOIC-pioneered technical framework to insure interoperability among the company labs. In addition, the team proved that commercial resources such as the Internet and cloud computing could boost time and cost savings.

For decades, government and industry have used laboratory modeling/simulation and other techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of their systems, concepts and capabilities. These events have often been expensive, time-consuming and beset by policy issues.

The benefit of following NCOIC's model is government and industry can discover how net-centric their current and planned systems, concepts and procedures are. The model enables them to do this more quickly, less expensively and with greater ability to conduct joint and global experimentation. Industry can use the model to lower the cost of teaming and reduce the time needed to put new products and services in the marketplace. Companies can focus on developing tools and applications rather than reinventing infrastructure when they conduct collaborative modeling and simulation events such as demonstrations, tests or experiments.

In addition, the model contains provisions for assuring that export regulations are honored and that industry's intellectual property is shielded.

NCOIC and the Lab Interoperability Project were honored in 2011 by the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement with an IDGA award for outstanding contribution to the advancement and development of network-centric operations.

For more information, go to the Lab Interoperability Project video and white paper.