Catalyst for Improving Technical Environments and Achieving Organizational Goals

NCOIC is best known for developing Technical Resources that are free and available for use in both the public and private sector. In addition, the consortium offers a growing range of contract services to assist government and non-governmental organizations in meeting their interoperability goals.

These unique interoperability services are possible thanks to NCOIC’s diverse membership, proven methodologies, and its open, legal and product-neutral environment.

NCOIC can provide your organization with tailored plans, processes and evaluations so that the interoperability solutions you implement achieve the desired outcome and withstand the test of time. These interoperability services include:

• The development of an implementation plan or interoperability roadmap that identifies and addresses both technical and non-technical considerations and details the pathway from the current (as-is) to the future (to-be) environment.

• The development of an acquisition strategy that ensures systems being purchased can be successfully implemented and will have a long lifecycle — so the organization can buy and add capability, without it being dead-ended by technology, regulations or other factors. (Most acquisitions and requests for proposal ask for specific solutions that may be initially innovative but lack a continuous innovation capability and are often not interoperable with other industry solutions.) 

• The use of an online interoperability test and evaluation environment for demonstrating and proving technical concepts and solutions, known as the NCOIC Rapid Response Incubator. The RRI is designed to bring organizations together in a trusted federated cloud-based infrastructure environment. This environment facilitates the on-boarding and use of innovative solutions using identity and access management technology that enables collaboration, cooperation and information exchange while protecting the intellectual property and rights of the innovators.

With each interoperability project, NCOIC provides a Voice of Industry review that enables all consortium members to comment on the contract deliverable. This review allows the customer to view all industry inputs — positive and negative — regarding the proposed solution or recommended course of action. There reviews, which can be pivotal to product neutrality, are not offered by any other for-profit or non-profit organization.

Through its interoperability services, NCOIC serves as a catalyst for government and NGO customers in improving their technical environments and achieving their mission and organizational goals. You can read more about some of the consortium’s past Interoperability Projects with the NATO Communication and Information Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency and Royal Australian Air Force.

For additional information on NCOIC expert services and contracts, contact Patrick Ryan, Chief Technical Officer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..