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Update on Interoperability Verification for NATO ACT



The June 2018 leadership meeting focused on NCOIC’s Interoperability Verification (IV) Initiative for NATO Allied Command Transformation. The IV Framework team briefed the draft plan and technical concept for the next phase of the project, which was developed and refined working collaboratively with ACT and others. Here are some key takeaways from the meeting:

  • Interoperable systems represent a time-saving and life-saving resource.
  • Capabilities are multiplied when systems are brought together.
  • This is a complex issue and nations will need to come together to champion it to move forward.
  • NCOIC has created an industry-neutral process, not a separate agency or entity.
  • IV process will give more flexibility to NATO and can improve procurement of products that are most like to plug-and-play against technical specifications.
  • European vendors can use the IV process to increase business in their own and other countries.
  • NCOIC has a five-step plan to prove the value of the IV process that includes determining a scenario, selecting 10 key attributes that are critical its success, creating guidelines for vendors, identifying and testing products, and determining results (time and cost savings).
  • Money spent on integration could instead be used to buy additional products, services and capability.
  • European nations understand what interoperability would mean to them and need NCOIC’s expertise.


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