Leading the Way in Cross-Domain Interoperability

Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium—NCOIC is an international organization focused on accelerating the global use of network-centric principles and systems. Our goal is to improve information sharing among different communities of interest to enhance their productivity, interactivity, safety and security.

NCOIC Since 2004

Since 2004, NCOIC has developed frameworks, processes and tools to enable interoperable networks for greater communication, collaboration and awareness. These technical resources – valued at $100 million – are available to the public on this website.
The consortium also assists government customers in implementing cross-domain interoperability concepts to enhance their capability and organizational success.
Unlike other organizations, NCOIC has the advantages of expertise from both the public and private sectors in a neutral, open environment for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Thanks to our member-companies, affiliates and advisors, NCOIC works across domains and nations to understand and address the corporate, industry, political and technical factors that affect interoperability.
We invite you to learn more about the consortium, our experience and current activities to create global cross-domain interoperability.

Being able to exchange and trust information is critical to business and government—and it is essential to our safety, well-being and quality of life... Read more...