The NCOIC Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning (CCML) Working Group, formed in 2017, is aimed at facilitating interoperability of cognitive systems and neural network applications, and developing  world-class assessment processes for measuring the interoperability of these systems.

The CCML Working Group will identify business processes and contract management strategies for:
 -Avoiding specific vendor/platform/open-source lock-ins, resulting in program cost savings and/or cost avoidance
 -Providing a neutral, vendor-agnostic perspective, using Voice of Industry reports for minimizing risks to the project/program schedule and quality 
 -Awarding contracts by agencies with knowledge of latest industry and market trends
 -Conducting periodic workshops and conferences to advance knowledge of CCML related information

Other WG strategies include:
 -Developing, documenting and disseminating CCML use-cases and stories
 -Identifying software/hardware solutions and artificial intelligence concepts related to system-of-system
 -Identify business processes for new areas of application of CCML
 -Developing, documenting and disseminating methodologies for better estimating costs associated with cognitive computing projects
 -Identify best practices and evolving standards associated with CCML 

If you are interested in more information about the benefits of joining NCOIC and the CCML Working Group, check out this fact sheet on the consortium.

Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning Working Group Chair: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.