NCOIC Experts Can Show You the Path to Increased Capability with Reduced Risk and Cost

When your organization is faced with the major task of creating a new information system or upgrading your current system to achieve a higher level of interoperability, relying on the SCOPE™ experts from NCOIC will inform your decision-making and improve your chances for long-term success.

Since it was introduced in 2008, the NCOIC Systems, Capabilities, Operations, Programs and Enterprises (SCOPE) model has given businesses and organizations a structured approach to understanding their needs, challenges and opportunities. SCOPE helps analyze obstacles and uncover ways to leverage your capabilities and resources. This enables organizations to select the best solution and create a roadmap to implement it.

The SCOPE analytical approach is particularly valuable when you’re facing:
• The need to modernize or transition to a new architecture
• Large or complex problems with lots of questions
• Conflicting opinions, agendas and assumptions
• No clear path or many possible solutions
• Multiple players, organizations or cultures

A SCOPE workshop provides a methodology for exploring, understanding and addressing the various issues, policies, resources and stakeholders affecting the success of your project. It augments and compliments enterprise architecture and system engineering approaches. It can help you expose and break down real and self-imposed barriers, take advantage of your strengths and adopt innovative approaches.

SCOPE offers a structured approach to identifying and cataloging the capabilities and top-level requirements needed to establish an effective solution. It promotes an understanding of the complexities of the technology and service environments, which will enable your organization to take maximum advantage of the resources available to achieve your goals.

SCOPE Workshop are tailored to your needs, budget and resources. A trained SCOPE team will lead your organization through the analysis process and assist you in preparing a comprehensive report with evaluation results and specific recommendations for the path forward.

For more information on scheduling a SCOPE Workshop, contact Ed Barger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here’s what users say about SCOPE…

“SCOPE gives you an out-of-body experience. It helps people see themselves and their systems and operations as others, who are outside the business, would view them.”

“SCOPE takes a broader approach of considering all aspects of interoperability, not just the technical disciplines involved in normal, more focused assessments.”

“We found that a side benefit of the SCOPE Workshop was to create a ‘safe’ environment, where technical experts could share their concerns with an interdisciplinary team representing different areas of our company.”

“At a SCOPE Workshop, you’ll discover how net-centric you really want to be. There are degrees of net-centricity and openness, and they have tradeoffs in terms of potential benefits versus cost and risk. Using the SCOPE model, you can explore your options and decide the level of interoperability that makes the most sense for your situation.”

“At a SCOPE workshop, you actually ‘think outside the box’ and consider what’s available externally, so you don’t have to try to do everything yourself.”