NCOIC has developed tools, recommendations and resources that can be used by members, customers and any business, government or non-governmental organization to design net-centric environments. They are publically available free of charge on this website – follow the links on the top navigation to view our product information and educational resources.

Key NOCIC resources include…

The SCOPE Model, a structured model of the attributes of a net-centric system, capability, operation, program or enterprise

Databases in select areas, such as cybersecurity, with information relevant to policymakers, architects and designers

Core Net-centric Principles, high-level guiding principles that serve as the base for many NCOIC technical products and should be considered when designing and integrating systems in net-centric environments

NCOIC Interoperability Framework (NIF®), a top-level framework for designing systems to interoperate in a net-centric environment and includes core principles to be applied to all systems

Specialized Frameworks that prescribe specific network centric principles, approaches, practices, etc. in relevant areas such as service-oriented architectures, information management, system management and mobile communications

Net-centric Patterns that provide prescriptive guidance including recommended standards, architectural approaches and other information for building interoperable systems in specific problem and mission areas

Network Centric Analysis Tool (NCAT®) used for evaluating architectures and systems with respect to the degree of implementation of net-enabling functions

Reports and White Papers on a variety of topics of interest to industry and NCOIC customers
Demonstrations of net-centric concepts and capabilities held by NCOIC in partnership with its members and customers