Accelerating the procurement, implementation and validation of IT solutions for NATO Federated Mission Networking

NCOIC has introduced a new Interoperability Verification (IV) process, intended for use by NATO in the acquisition of technical products and services for Federated Mission Networking (FMN), a concept to support secure collaboration and information exchange in multi-national operations. The IV assessment, based on product testing that takes place as part of the normal quality manufacturing process, looks at how well the technology meets NATO requirements and can be implemented and used by the NATO enterprise, NATO nations and NATO partners. The vision is for NATO and its partners to get enhanced capability for the same cost and for vendors to have access to more markets.

IV made its debut at the NITEC 2016 international conference in Estonia, check out the presentation here!

Verification Process Created at the Request of NCIA

  • NCOIC developed a verification process for the acquisition cycle to validate the interoperability of products and services offered to the NATO Communication and Information Agency
  • Designed to enable products and services to “plug and play” within the Federated Mission Networking environment
  • More quickly move products and services from integration to implementation
  • Provide NATO agencies and nations with increased flexibility and capability
  • Industry better understands requirements and marketplace can expand with more qualified vendors representing all NATO nations
  • NCI Agency goals: provide a framework for greater industry involvement; shift technical definitions from NATO to industry; and use industry as market indicators for technology direction and growth

 Building on a Successful Collaboration

  • NCOIC has worked with NCI Agency in the past on its plan for a consolidated IT infrastructure
  • An NCOIC 2012 study focused on the multi-national technical, culture and business issues within NATO and recommended a secure, integrated-cloud environment serving military and civilian users
  • The information from NCOIC is helping NCI Agency modernize its IT infrastructure, positioning them to meet FMN operational requirements

 About NCOIC Interoperability Verification

  • IV process examines the evidence of technical interoperability resulting from the normal manufacturing process vendors use to build products and services and system-of-system solutions for the FMN environment
  • Identifies the minimum interoperability threshold required at the technical level
  • Evaluation and certification before integration reduces acquisition risk
  • Industry will lead the effort to establish an information-sharing environment
  • Benefits NATO, member-nations, industry and all mission partners

Businesses, organizations and individuals are encouraged to join the consortium and be part of the Interoperability Verification initiative!

Got a question on the IV process?