Industry Study to Assist NATO ACT with Future Interoperability

NCOIC is working on a new project that will help NATO shape its future command and control capabilities. The consortium is conducting an industry study for the Command & Control, Deployability & Sustainment (C2DS) Division of NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT), a strategic command that promotes interoperability throughout NATO and is leading transformation of the alliance’s military structure, forces, capabilities and doctrine.

NATO ACT has contracted with NCOIC for assistance in increasing interoperability within the NATO enterprise. Its goal is to implement systems and services that enhance operational and tactical information sharing and information exploitation in the 21st century.

NCOIC will hold a workshop to assess the current interoperability environment, identify strengths and barriers, share best practices, and chart the path to acquire the desired capabilities. After the workshop, a presentation and final report will be delivered with a complete analysis, conclusions, recommendations and roadmap as well as a related demonstration.

The project will also include a unique NCOIC Voice of Industry (VOI) review that enables all consortium members to provide comments – both positive and negative -- regarding the current and future NATO environment. ACT is particularly interested in industry involvement to receive information on market strategies and direction that will help it develop the requirements and acquire the capabilities necessary to support future C2 operations.